V.A. Heavy Metal Kings (2016)

V.A. Heavy Metal Kings (2016)

Genero: Metal
Format: MPEG Audio
Format version: Version 1
Format profile: Layer 3
Bit rate mode: Constant
Tipo de Archivo: MP3
Channel(s): 2 channels
Sampling rate: 44.1 KHz
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Tamaño: 245 MB

1.Runnin’ With the Devil (Remastered 2015) [Remastered] – Van Halen
2.Rock Soldiers – Ace Frehley
3.Cowboys from Hell – Pantera
4.Young Hearts – Axe
5.No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper
6.I Don’t Care – Airrace
7.Alone Again (Remastered) – Dokken
8.Take Me For a Ride – Bad City
9.Pull Me Under – Dream Theater
10.Walks Like a Woman – Baton Rouge
11.18 and Life – Skid Row
12.The Kids Are Back – Twisted Sister
13.Dead Man Walking – bloodsimple
14.Seventeen – Winger
15.Smooth Up In Ya – BulletBoys
16.Insane – Frehley’s Comet
17.New Thing – Enuff Z’Nuff
18.Wake Up the Neighborhood – Holland
19.Swords and Tequila – Riot
20.Good Guys Wear Black – Tuff
21.Girl Money – Kix
22.Metal Church – Metal Church
23.On and on – Raven
24.Right Between the Eyes – Icon
25.Love Walked In (Remastered 2009) [Remastered] – Thunder



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